The Jensen + Partners’ motto “empowering project owners” reflects our core mission. We believe deeply in teamwork and collaboration. We also believe in results and outcomes. Our organization excels at thinking strategically about complicated problems involving many discrete factors and requiring analysis of multiple systems. We bring a long history of public service to our work and a broad range of resources.


We bring experience, focus, and vision to master planning and capital projects, enabling owners to clarify their project goals and objectives, make informed choices, obtain stakeholder buy-in, and take command of their projects from initial concept development through construction and occupancy.

The partners and other key staff at Jensen + Partners have worked together on complex capital projects for more than twenty years. Our collective working history as owners, planners, architects, and program managers gives Jensen + Partners an uncommonly thorough understanding of the needs of our clients, and allows us to approach every project from the owner’s perspective. The firm thrives on working with owners facing complex challenges to discover optimal approaches, to engage stakeholders and communities, and to integrate clear programs with solid budgets and realistic schedules.


Jensen + Partners keeps the mission of the institutions we work with and the goals of each project clearly in focus as we develop solutions for the delivery of complex projects. We understand the need to inspire and complete a vision while managing the ongoing checks between budget reality and program development. A unique feature of Jensen + Partners is our hybrid approach to planning, which combines operational planning with physical planning and design.

Jensen + Partners’ project management staff offers experience from the owner’s side as well as the consulting services side. Our staff has helped clients deliver projects from modest renovations to million-square-foot academic medical centers. We celebrate successes with gusto, but do not hesitate to raise difficult issues to keep projects on schedule and on budget. Our company culture is to be enthusiastic about our work, ethical, smart, creative, and disciplined in our project and construction management.


As part of our innovative practice, Jensen + Partners engages in a process of ongoing research to address the future needs of our clients. With dedicated interest in leading strategic advances in planning, the company has organized and sponsored several Think Tank sessions with owners, productivity experts, architects, and contractors. The findings of these research-focused symposia are translated into practice on real-time projects with the effect of lowering overall project costs and reducing risk.



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