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Intermountain Health System



Intermountain Healthcare is a not-for-profit healthcare system and is the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West. Intermountain Healthcare provides hospital and other medical services in Utah and Idaho and also offers integrated managed care under the insurance brand SelectHealth. Intermountain Healthcare is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has some 37,000 employees

Logan Regional Hospital

Master Planning, Medical Programming, Seismic Retrofit

Intermountain Healthcare engaged Jensen + Partners to provide master planning and programming services for the Logan Regional Hospital campus. A critical component of the master plan included the structural validation of two patient towers in response to changing seismic compliance regulations in Utah.

Utilizing knowledge and experience with California’s seismic regulations, Jensen + Partners was able to develop feasible and cost-effective master plan that looked at demolition, seismic retrofit and new construction opportunities. These recommendations balanced the operational needs of the hospital with strategic market growth and seismic compliance regulations.

The Logan Master Plan includes a five-year actionable plan and a 15-year directional plan. This master plan will rebrand the campus in terms of access, wayfinding and the overall patient experience.

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Dixie Regional Medical Center

Master Planning, Medical Programming, Seismic Retrofit

Prior to engaging Jensen + Partners, Intermountain Healthcare Dixie had completed a new state-of-the-art hospital facility to replace the existing campus, located in the center of Saint George. Jensen + Partners created a new facilities master plan to realize the highest and best use of this key asset.

The foremost priority was to assess the structural safety of the aging buildings. Afterward, work sessions were held to facilitate future state visioning, community need, market analysis, and operational considerations in order to determine the best course of action to take with the existing facility.

The resulting re-use master plan re-imagined part of the older campus as a new senior living facility, through integrated phasing and renovation in order to execute the project in the most efficient way possible, with minimal interruptions to surrounding buildings and ongoing clinical operations.

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Innovation & Leadership Institute

Medical Programming, Strategic Planning

As part of its larger statewide development & implementation project with Intermountain Healthcare, Jensen + Partners was engaged to provide design, strategic visioning, site selection, innovative educational & administrative space planning, furniture planning, and implementation services for the new Leadership Institute Building on Intermountain’s campus.

Jensen + Partners met with user groups and senior management, developing a plan that fosters integration, collaboration, and innovation. The approved plan also takes into consideration both existing departments and future space usage, and improves operational efficiencies by consolidating and co-locating formerly far-spread programs.

Envisioned as a fresh and modern academic center incorporating innovative educational concepts, the building prominently exhibits an activity-based workspace layout. Chiefly featured are wellness design concepts to promote movement in the workplace, including perimeter circulation throughout the building, work/lounge space, and stairwells that are lighted, conditioned, and positioned for active use.

Administrative areas feature unassigned team and focus rooms, flexible furniture modules, and floor layouts designed to facilitate team collaboration. Academic spaces feature interactive meeting spaces with unique characters and furnishings, large and adaptable common rooms filled with natural light, learning studios, lecture and seminar rooms, and simulation centers.

The main lobby, warmed by fireplace, filled with natural light, and surrounded by panoramic views, evokes a revitalizing connection to the outdoors, and can also function as an adaptable high-volume space designed to comfortably serve as a venue for receptions and formal dining events. The first floor also features a bistro similarly designed and furnished, with a large buffet and dining area.

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Supply Chain Center

Medical Programming, Strategic Planning for Infrastructure Improvement

Jensen + Partners has an ongoing and extensive relationship with Intermountain Healthcare, providing strategic, planning, and programming services for their many facilities and operations throughout the state.

Intermountain Healthcare engaged Jensen + Partners to renovate and improve the infrastructure and operations of their supply chain center. Extensive analysis of the facility’s volumes, occupancy, zoning status, infrastructure, cash draw, and parking was conducted to inform a nal master/phasing plan and detailed program.

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IMED South Office Tower

Master Planning & Implementation, Space Utilization Planning & Programming

Intermountain Healthcare engaged Jensen + Partners in 2016 to provide master planning and programming services for the Intermountain Medical Center campus (IMED) in Murray, UT. The main driver of this engagement was to accommodate IMED’s growth by maximizing existing space on campus and deferring capital investments as long as possible.

This strategy proposes to grow or add approximately 78,000 SF of clinical programs on campus,and to relocate approximately 85,000 SF of non-clinical programs off campus. This strategy supports IMED’s campus vision of bolstering its tertiary and quaternary care, harvesting a culture of innovation and clinical integration, and continuing its “National Destination Hospital” status.

The overall campus plan gained a potential 103,000 square feet of Flex space in key service line-adjacent areas in each of the buildings. The “Flex for the Future” recommendation supports the growth of key service lines within their existing spaces. Deferring the immediate need to construct new buildings on the IMED campus is a major source of cost savings. Opportunity zones were identified on the IMED campus to support future development, and a schematic 3D model was built to illustrate the placement and massing of these new buildings on the IMED campus.

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Critical Access Hospitals

Strategic Planning and Assessment

Intermountain Healthcare – Urban South Region engaged Jensen + Partners to complete a strategic assessment of two rural Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs)—Fillmore Community Medical Center and Delta Community Medical Center—in the context of the system’s strategic direction. Jensen + Partners developed a Strategic Plan to enable Intermountain Healthcare to assess the current situation at the two Urban South Region Critical Access Hospital and guide leadership as they consider whether any changes to the services should be considered in response to evolving healthcare coverage and reimbursement. The Strategic Plan also anticipated that there could be potential changes in CAH funding in the next several years. Specifically, the team considered program development, potential consolidation, and re-positioning for value-add services such as free-standing emergency services and ambulatory services.

Jensen + Partners performed on-site investigations, engaged in strategic discussions with key members of Intermountain Leadership, and provided demographic, operational, physical, and high-level financial assessments. Through an interactive process with leadership, Jensen + Partners developed, modified and modeled four future state scenarios. One scenario models status quo services considering potential for growth, and three additional scenarios model changes in the types of services offered at each hospital. These future state scenarios were compared using selection criteria including alignment with the Intermountain Healthcare mission.

Following the Strategic Planning project, Jensen + Partners was engaged by Intermountain Healthcare to develop a plan for establishing a pre-eminent national destination for leaders of the clinical enterprise of the future with particular emphasis on physician leadership programs.

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“… Jensen + Partners’ level of engagement, expertise, objectivity, and professionalism has been consistently strong. I can sincerely state that I enjoy working with them, and I trust and value their analyses and recommendations…”

Clay L. Ashdown Vice President, Capital Development and Financial Planning

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